Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back from Africa

Just returned from 3 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania. Did you know that Tanzania is more properly pronounced something like tan-tay-nia? We spent some awesome time in a bungalow on the beach my Mombasa. We went to an amazing wedding in Nairobi (a friend of a friend was the groom). We spent 3 days on Safari in Maasai Mara. I'll upload pictures soon. Then we were off to Kilimanjaro. 6 days of sweating and I made it to the top! After that we were all exhausted and slummed it around the hotel mostly.

Overall it was an amazing trip. It was full of adventure and the unexpected. Hiking up Kili was the most demanding task I've ever attempted. I'm still amazed I made it to the top. The Safari was amazing. I loved seeing the animals, but it felt really odd driving a car around and chasing after these poor animals. Better than a zoo though.

And now after almost 24 hours of travel, we are home. My cat is curled up at my feet. And I have to work tomorrow with 11 hours of jet lag.

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Blogger Joshua said...

Wow, I had no idea Kilimanjaro was that tough. I guess my dreams of climbing it when the kid is 17 will have to die a gentle death :-)

8:05 PM  

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