Monday, December 31, 2007

Remote Desktop for Apple Macs

Last Christmas, I got my parents an iMac to replace their aged and infested PC. So far, this has worked quite well, but I keep running into the same problem: I need to walk them through some task, and doing it over the phone does not seem to work.

So what I'm looking for is remote control software that would let me see (and interact) with my parents machine over the internet. Ideally, I should be able to run the client from either a PC or Mac, so that I can walk them through something from home or at work. It looks like I have 3 choices:
  1. Timbuktu - Expensive. It looks like you need a full license, just to run the client, which means I need 2 or 3 licenses, at ~$99 a pop.
  2. Fog Creek's CoPilot - pay per use (5$), and I can't easily use it to log in and requires that my parents initiate.
  3. Home-grown VNC solution - requires setting up a VNC server exposed though a ssh tunnel, as well as some sort of dynamic-dns so that I can find the machine.
Right now I thinking to use CoPilot to address the current problem, since that is cheap and easy. I've never used it though. Any caveats I should know about? Any alternate suggestions my Googling missed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo! is this the same derek that i know from the vogue days?

if so, last time we saw each other was at pier 1 imports during the holiday season where i was working during school.

hope it's you! drop a line, k?!
be fun to catch up.


ps. i graduated...with honors!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a while since your initial post. Have you had a chance to try any/all of your remote software?

3:01 PM  

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