Monday, April 23, 2007

It made me laugh out loud

I love me a good comedy, but I'm not one to laugh out loud that often. (Which has lead many friends to question whether I'm enjoying that movie that left them rolling on the floor...) I don't know why I'm that way, but I am happy to say that given the right fodder, you will indeed hear me guffaw and see me approximate rolling-on-the-floor laughing.

What provoked such unusual antics? Hott Fuzz. Probably the funnies movie I've seen in a long... long while. A bit more gore than might be strictly necessary, but done with the same comedic skill as Sean of the Dead. I was also very pleased to note that unlike so many Hollywood action flicks, the Hero doesn't shoot to kill. The movie isn't all violence though. The dialog is excellent, there is actual story progress and character development (as compared to 300, which I watched last week). I'd have pre-ordered it from Amazon if I could.

warning: if you don't like British humour, B-Movie comedic gore, or have no sense of humour, you will probably not like the movie. If you liked "Sean of the Dead", go see Hot Fuzz ASAP.


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