Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TWiT and Moby's song "Go"

I just listened to the latest This Week in Tech and near the end they are talking about the proposed Internet Radio Tax. Then mention Moby's song Go, the chorus of which has someone yelling "Go", and ponder how he might have acquired the rights to that sample. As a recovering Moby fan from back in his electronic heyday, I remember hearing an interview with Moby where he talks about the origins of that exact sample. It is actually a layering of multiple recordings of him yelling 'go'. So... contrary to the discussion on TWiT, Moby did not need to deal with sample royalties, as that is not actually a sample of anyone else's music.

This random, useless fact courtesy of my many many hours spent at WRUR and the continuing obsession with electronic music that developed out of those years.


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