Sunday, September 10, 2006

Windows Application Icon

I was working on cleaning up my app-runner to share out the source code and have run into a problem.  I can get the window and exe to have my custom icon, but when I alt-tab, the default Visual Studio app icon is there.  How do I replace that with my icon?  Do I need a specific size/depth icon?  Anyone else encountered this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have similar problems in Visual Foxpro EXE files. I use Resource Hacker to replace the icon resource (which doesn't appear to get built-in to the exe correctly from inside Foxpro's IDE) with a true-color, multi-size icon. (I think it contains 16x16x256, 16x16xTrue(XP), 32x32xTrue(XP), and 48x48xTrue(XP).

I have no idea if you are seeing a similar problem but you could try Resource Hacker and replace icon resources until you get the effect you want. Google "Resource Hacker", should get you there, but you probably have it already.

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