Monday, September 05, 2022


Around when I hit 45, I suddenly needed glasses to read. I was prescribed glasses for astigmatism in primary school, but never felt like I needed them. In my 30s, when I was sleep deprived for an extended period, I'd reach for my glasses to help with reading books/laptop, but that was rare. Then in my mid 40s I realized it was tiring to read without my glasses. Then I went to the optomitrist and got new glasses. That was weird. I got mildly motion sick trying to walk with my new glasses at first. I got used to it. Now I can't read without glasses. If my running partner texts me to tell me he is late, I need Siri to read me the text. I really hate growing old. (The sore knees don't help.) After 5ish years of wearing glasses most of my waking hours, I tried contact lenses. To see again, without glasses! I understand why people do this. I still can't get them in/out in less than 5-10 minutes... but I've now worn them for 2 weekends. To be able to wear sunglasses! Just not having glasses and having to worry about my youngest grabbing them. I still don't think I could spend my day staring at a monitor with these contacts, but I'm enjoying being able to go sailing and not worry about loosing my glasses.