Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Toy = NetBook EeePc 1005HA

Just got a new toy for our upcoming travels. I wanted something small to dump pictures onto, so I can label them while I still remember the details. I used to have a Fujitsu P2000 series that I used for this, but that poor Transmeta chip wasn't really holding up very well. So I bought a Asus EeePC 1005HA. The first one arrived with a busted wireless. Sent that back and am writing this post on its replacement.

Aside from spending all last night installing all the necessary updates (See previous post) I am rather liking the little blue beast. The keyboard is small, but usable. The screen is also small but usable. Google's Chrome browser appears to be a particularly good fit, at least with just a few tabs open.

I'm curious to try it out more. I've got a 2GB DIMM to install, which should help things. I've also tried Moblin a tiny bit. I'll report back more when I've had more time to play with the machine. I'm really rather excited about a machine that has enough batter for me to play around most of the evening without running out of juice. I just wish someone shipped a 10" screen with more pixels. 600 pixels tall is pretty damn small, especially if you are used to a laptop 900 pixels tall. Everything appears freakishly big on the netbook at first.

If only it supported the two-finger up/down scroll like my MacBook... I miss that every time I use a Windows laptop....


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