Monday, July 20, 2009

Wind Surfing

For many years I've been interested in learning to Wind Surf, but never had anyone to go with me. The topic came up recently and Natascha showed some interest, so last weekend we took a Saturday afternoon class up at Green Lake. They have decent gear including some comfortably small sails, which make it much easier to start into the sport. Natascha and I both had a ton of fun. The weather around here has been perfect for learning; warm, sunny, with a light breeze. Yesterday we went back up and rented 2 boards for a few more hours of practice. I still spend more time in the water than I'd like, but am definitely getting better. Natascha picked a large sail than last week and got a serious work-out, but we both finished feeling like we are starting to get the hang of it. Now we just need to find some used gear so we can head out whenever we want!