Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everybody loves a Honda Civic...

Everybody loves a Honda Civic, especially car thieves. Someone stole my girlfriend's Civic from right in front of my house last week, while we were sleeping. The neighborhood is so quiet, friendly, and family-oriented you would never expect such a thing to happen under your nose. I guess those 'club' wheel locks are a good idea.

Luckily, the police had already found her car by the time we reported it missing. Unluckily, it took Natascha an inordinate amount of time just to report it stolen. The problem was primarily that the police had a 'hold' on her car. It was sitting in a towing company's lot somewhere, but they wouldn't tell her where, and the towing company was even more reticent to reveal anything.

OK. Obviously as this is a stolen car, the owner would want their car back, don't you think? Apparently the police don't particularly care. They told her that they would call her when they released the hold. They didn't. They held the car for a full week, but they only pay for the storage fees for 3 days. They could hold the car as long as they like, and the car's owner gets to pay for the privileged of not having a car! Luckily, Natascha walks to work, but imagine if your attendance at you job depended on that vehicle?

The Seattle Police just went a long way to loosing that much more of my trust.


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