Monday, February 06, 2006

Why I love the SuperBowl

First, I'll make an admission. I don't really care much about sports. I have actually watched maybe 2 SuperBowl games in my lifetime, but I've never been that intersted in watching others play sports, unless it is a sport I also play. Then I'm trying to learn how to improve my game, by wathcing their technique.

So why then do I love the SuperBowl? Is it the ads?

Nope. While entertaining, SuperBowl ads are overhyped, especially for someone like me who rarely watches television. Ads in general fascinate me, as a bizarre commentary on my culture. The SuperBowl is just more of the same, only bigger.

Why then do I love the SuperBowl?

I love the SuperBowl because everyone else is at home watching it! The roads were empty! The grocery store (normally a chaotic morass of people) was almost empty. I parked right by the entrance! I went clothes shopping downtown and that was similarly stark. Since my goal, in both the clothes and grocery shopping was to go in, find specific items and get out, it was lovely.

It almost makes up for all the hellish traffic on game days.


Blogger Unknown said...

Derek, it's great to see you around. I knew you moved out of Microsoft, but did not know your contact data. Just wanted to drop a note and say "Hi!"
I am still at MS, but moved to development. Feels really good. :-)

4:12 PM  

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