Friday, August 04, 2006


As anyone who reads 43 Folders knows about QuickSilver. I have it installed on my PowerBook and find in amazingly useful, even if all I normally use it for is as a launcher. Since I spend my day in Windows-Land... I'm wondering if anyone has made anything remotely similar for Windows?

I started looking at building something like it myself, and that is still my fallback plan. That would be a good excuse for me to spend some time with C# and WinForms. After some recent work that had me building a Java Swing app, I'm curious to see how WinForms feels in comparison.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Hanselman has dealt a lot with this issue on his blog. Actually had an entry on it a couple of days ago:

I use SlickRun myself. It works great.

Kristian Kristensen

12:25 PM  

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