Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rane rocks...

A friend of mine who uses Serato Scratch Live pointed me to an open house Rane was having for their new mixer which integrates the Scratch Live hardware into a basic 2 channel mixer. I popped up there for the event yesterday. I've always liked Rane gear, but I had no idea that they were located so close! I've got an ancient Rane MP22 mixer that I love. The Rane folk were outside welcoming people as they arrive, and any company reps that great you with, "you know, the last to arrive pays for the beer..." is good in my book. The event was simple, direct, fun, and unpretentious. And if you are a DJ, look at Scratch Live. This is the future of DJing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Derek: Sorry to use your blog to communicate again off topic, but didn't have your most recent email address, and heard you might be interested in HP in Aug. at the cottage for a week I have but don't need ... and wanted to get in touch. My email is the same it's been for 6 years, or phone? :) Love to hear how life's been.


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