Monday, March 13, 2006


I just got back (last night) from a week in Switzerland. mmmm cheese.... An amazing trip, made extra intersting by staying with my better-half's family there. Nothing like the local experience to really get a feeling for the culture. Not that I understood a word of what people said. I do get to take pride in knowing that there are some other tourists taking home pictures of the Fastnacht parades with me wearing a terrifying looking clown costume. That is truely priceless.

But... when did alcohol stop being free for international flights? When will they have power plugs in economy? How did Delta manage to loose both my baggage (coming home) as well as my better-half's sister's luggage going there?

Now I have about 2gb of pictures and movies to wade through. That should be fine since it will give me a good excuse to sit and eat some of the chocolate we brought back.


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