Friday, November 18, 2005

Snow Sliding

I am one happy boy.

I spent the day snowboarding at Steven's Pass. The snow was better than last January's best at Snoqualmie before it rained! It was a bit crunchy and sparse with bits of green poking through. Still, for pre-Thanksgiving, it rocked. The slopes were almost empty, with zero waiting at the lifts. Damn fine way to spend the day. It was good to see that my muscles still remember how to ride. The person I was there with recommended waxing our boards... I've had my board for 2 seasons and never waxed it. What a difference! Corners where definitely easier.

Kudos to Steven for convincing me to drag my lazy behinding up to the pass with him!

[update] One day later and many, many muscles sorer. That just means I need to go back up to the mountains ASAP and keep up the work-out, right?


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