Sunday, November 13, 2005

Front242 and Rollins

Last night Henry Rollins was in town doing his spoken word thing. That man can talk. He talked from 7pm straight till 10-something. No breaks, typical Rollins intensity, and funny as hell. It feels strange to see him up there with grey hair though. Am I really old enough that the icons of my youth are going grey? Not that it matters when you have that much energy on stage.

Which brings me back to last week... Front 242. Another rocking show. Last I saw them was 6-7 years ago. I'm no longer in the pit, flailing away, but the music was just as good. I've been listening to some of their albums recently, and they sound weak by more modern standards, but live it was as good as I remember it. The best part was watching the 2 guys, looking 40-something, having the times of their lives on stage. They were obviously enjoying themselves. How can you not love a concert where the band is just having that much fun? It was amusing to see these old-timers (ha!) rock out harder than the 20-somethings in the band before.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great show in Chicago. Played a lot of oldies, even did a dedication to Wax Trax! pioneers Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher by performing "Take One". Hoping they come back around to the Windy City.

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