Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Adam Bosworth on Speaking Up

Adam Bosworth posted an essay on "Speaking Up", the responsibility of us, as members of our world, to speak up and ensure that reason and logic decide our course. His summary says it better than I ever could:

It is time to speak up. It is time to say that facts are what matter, not faith, that human progress is accomplished through unfettered use of reason and inquiry and tolerance and discussion and debate, not through intolerant and irrational acts of terror or edicts. For all of our children and for the future, speak up against this wave of intolerance and irrationalism washing over the world.
I could not agree with him more on this issue. Decisions that impact people's lives should be made based on careful study and reasoned research, not blind faith nor political whim. Decisions need to be made that factor in the entire context, not just your personal beliefs. This applies equally, whether talking about voting to potentially repeal the gas tax here in Washington (a terrible idea in my mind, we need that revenue to fund transportation infrastructure/repair), dealing with educating our children about evolution, or deciding fiscal policy for the nation.


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