Wednesday, March 09, 2005

cooking that isn't

As long as it has been a potential issue, I've been known amongst my friends for my general inability to cook. 'Inability' is really a bit harsh... more a lack of any desire. I am the mast of the microwave, instant, no-prep meal. Living in a city doesn't help, as I can walk to a plethora of evening options for tasty foods. This isn't to say that I can't cook, so much as that I really have had very little desire to try. When I have made an attempt, I have found that I'm actually pretty good at following recipes. I just don't feel motivated to bother. Food is not exactly a focus of my life. I live alone, and if I am eating at home, I am usually reading while I eat, so the food isn't really the center of my attention.

Last summer I moved into a great house with a great kitchen. After months of jokes about how my bachelorhood manifests itself in my fridge, I decided that I should make a point to try and actually cook every once and a while. This weekend, I made my first foray, sauteing up some shrimp with pasta. yum. Last night, I boiled some asparagus. I'd like to think cooking up a real dinner like this is healthier, but given how much butter and salt I had with the asparagus... I'm not so sure. Better than a frozen pizza anyway.


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