Wednesday, March 02, 2005

blog as quick-n-dirty background check

One of the interesting side effects of my taking up blogging, is that people can find out more information about me via Google/etc. I've been made very aware of this recnetly, as I've had a number of women I've met look me up in Google. It is very strange to have women I have only recently met, comment on my blog. Lucky for me, they seem to be impressed, rather than turned-off/scared/something-else. Probably not just luck, since I tend date intelligent, slightly geekier (in the cutest way.. honest!) women. Still, it is odd to realize that women are using my web presence as something that ammounts to a background check. What if someone somewhere decided they didnt like me, and started publishing negative comments about me? It is scary to realize that one's reputation is so vulnerable to attack, with little real recourse. Then again, the beaty of the internet is that it tends to be its own counter-balance. If there is someone out there decrying my horrid morals, there is likely a person calling that person a liar or at least providing some level of counterpoint. The more you are involved, the more counter-counter-counter-points there are.

So far so good, for me at least. If only online-dating sites worked so well.


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