Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Janus IM

Janus was a roman god who had 2 faces. While, I don’t count myself a regular Scoble fan, his recent post about why he dislikes IM calls out one of my long complaints about IM. I would like to be like Janus, and have a different face for my different collections of cronies. Like many people, I have many email addresses, and different people email different addresses, but there is no way to tell an IM client I have used that I have 2 MSN IM accounts.

Scoble's reason and mine are different, but I find it interesting that no-one would require you to have a single email address at HotMail or Yahoo, yet that is exactly what the IM services effectively do. Sure, I could have multiple accounts, but I can't use multiple accounts simultaneously. I want multiple accounts and then (as Scoble mentions) be able to set my status independently amongst them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Trillian Pro" IM client (http://trillian.cc/)? ;) Any number of identities, either independent or shared contact lists, etc.

6:28 AM  

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