Friday, November 12, 2004

A Few Brave Souls

We are winding up our current deliverables, and it is time to start planning for our next release. Part of that is getting some fresh blood in these halls. My team has some open positions in development, test, and management. I am looking for some experienced developers to add to my team. How would you like to own the XML parser used by the core OS and an astounding myriad of applications? Or what about helping me manage the team that is building the next generation of System.Xml? This is a rare opportunity to own a key core component in the Microsoft platform.

You can find more details by going to and selecting Location=WA - Redmond, and Product = SQL Server (yea... it sounds odd, but for various reasons, we ultimately report up in the SqlServer product unit today) and Keyword = XML. The Job Codes for Developer positions reporting to me are 121896 and 113340.

Why should you join me at the Evil Empire? We have a great team of diverse people, who care about delivering quality components to our customers. This isn't about Microsoft brainwashing. It is about a good work environment, fun and intelligent coworkers, and an opportunity to build components on which applications the world over will be using. I'm looking for people with curiosity, experience, and intelligence, to help make our next release great!

Contact me directly for more information: derekdb at microsoft dot com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the past few weeks you've lost Dare and Mark and William and Omri and Mike and how many others? When things are going well, don't people normally leave after you release, not before?

This sounds to me like a team in trouble, and I think you hit on one of the possible reasons in your post. What does XML really have to do with SQL Server? Why aren't you part of Don Box's XML team? Mark and Omri both went there.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote: "Product = SQL Server (yea... it sounds odd, but for various reasons, we ultimately report up in the SqlServer product unit today)"

I love the System.Xml package, but there are a few points in it where I wonder why things are designed as they are. Your quote perfectly explains why...

I can see that, from a viewpoint of databases, XML is a very important technology. But the reverse is not true. There are many things for which XML is important, and databases are only one of them. And it seems to me that MS is getting this the wrong way around.

As an example, have a look at the (now postponed) XQuery classes in Whidbey beta 1. I get the feeling that applying XQuery on Xml files was really added as an afterthought on a system geared toward using XQuery as an alternative to SQL as a database query language.

My advice would be, if you are going to reorganize your team anyway: make sure your team is an XML team, and not some part of the SqlServer team, Office team, Enterprise thingies teams or whatever. Xml is too important in many distinct areas to be filed under any one of those categories in particular.

And like the previous poster, I'm somewhat worried about the recent 'braindrain' from the Xml team.

Oh, and no, I have no plans to move to the USA, so no, I'm not available :-)

[Luc Cluitmans]

1:47 AM  

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