Friday, October 08, 2004

in the beginning...

Once upon a time, there was an unusual character, known to many as Dare who came and joined my team (working for the Evil Empire, I mean Microsoft). He and this other coworker, Joshua, had blogs, back before blogs were cool. Neat idea, I thought... I should do that. So now, something like 1-2 years later, I'm starting my own blog. Not on MSDN, because I don't view this as an aspect of work. Someday, I'll get around to writing a blog hosting cgi that does what I want... but while I try the whole concept out, I thought I'd use Google... I mean Blogger.

Me? I live in Seattle, in the city (neat Gas Works Park). I work for Microsoft as a Lead Developer, lording over MSXML and System.Xml development, and even writing a class or two myself now and again. I'm a music addict, totally addicted to almost all kinds of electronic music. I ride a motorcycle as my primary transportation. I've been known to randomly dye my hair blue, simply because I'm bored. The centerpiece of my livingroom is a british-gothic antique sideboard with my SL-1200 turntables and a Rane mxer. Not much of a bio... deal.


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